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Veterans Art: Milano Inn Screening, Indianapolis

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Veteran Artists, Volunteers and Founders of Veterans Antiquities are asking for your help in raising money to kick off our work force initiative for disabled & challenged Veterans. Our unique program promotes confidence, teamwork and healing through the arts in a supportive environment. Your role as a supporter is important to us and you will be invited to come and visit our location, meet our staff, volunteers and the veterans you have chosen to empower.

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    Veterans Antiquities is an organization that helps veterans find opportunities through the arts. Our goal is help disabled veterans find meaningful creative expression through the arts whether for work, pleasure or therapeutic purposes. As a member of the Veterans Industry & Arts network we also assist veterans find their way to sustainable employment. If you would like to know more about our network of resources feel free to contact us for more information.

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    Check out our new addition to the Veterans Antiquities network. Please welcome Backyard Farm & Garden USA who serve as our Outbuilding division in Brazil, Indiana. BF&G USA also participates in the nonprofit "Fund A Chair" project through ArtMix.   A "by vets, for vets" organization, they specialize in homestead items and farm shelters such as chicken coops, mini-barns, and an assortment of other shelters that can be ordered to suit your needs! Even playhouses for your children!