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Butch Perdue

Butch Perdue 
US Army

Butch Perdue was born in the great state of Tennessee. He joined the Army in 1978, and served for 31 years until his retirement. Stationed all over the United States, from North Carolina to Minnesota, Butch spent time in Italy as well as other overseas assignments. Serving in the 82nd Airborne Infantry, Butch completed more than 200 jumps during his time in the Army. Butch has been self-employed as a home-repair contractor with many years experience in drywall, painting, electricity and plumbing. He is also an avid gardener, producing hundreds of pounds of organically raised vegetables and fruits a year. Butch originally became involved with OV’R There Industries as a birdhouse builder. From there, he branched out to other primitive-style art items, including small tables, shelves, and wall hangings, all made from recycled and reclaimed materials. His varied skills and talent for creating new products will be very welcome at Veterans Antiquities. .

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