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Camille Richard

Camille Richard
US Army

Camille served in the US Army’s 32nd Signal Battalion in Hoechst, Germany from 1974 - 1976. Following an honorable discharge Camille spent two years living in the Monterey Bay area until her love of family and Indiana brought her back to the midwest. Art, antiques, travel and creativity have always played a major role in Camille’s life. She owned an antique store for many years before deciding to pursue a lifelong interest in travel. She has long been interested in beads and items of personal adornment. Working in the travel business for seventeen years gave Camille the opportunity to study museum bead and jewelry exhibits, visit street and flea markets and bead shops all over the world. Using a torch and raw glass, Camille makes beads that are inspired by her travels and everyday surroundings. Working in her home studio, she continues to explore new ways of crafting glass, enamels and precious metals to create beads and jewelry that reflect her interest in nature, minerals, insects and all things organic. Camille is fascinated that the same basic techniques have been used for thousands of years to create glass beads that are treasured and worn, often by successive generations. Never one to sit still for very long, Camille considers every day a gift and an adventure that brings new discoveries. Accompanying her on the daily adventures are her husband Paul, a veteran of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and their Airedale Terrier, Wilbur.

“I am so pleased to play a role in Veterans Antiquities and look forward to seeing it grow and blossom!” The above picture is from my promotion in Germany. The two gentlemen are my company CO, Cpt. Jerry Olson and Staff Sargeant James Wade.

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