A Veteran Centric Arts Initiative


Jeff Piper

Jeff Piper comes from a long line of US veterans dating back to the 1700’s.  Starting his military career in 1972 with the National Guard, Jeff served in the US Army in the 2nd Armored Division until 1976.  He was stationed in the midwest, Texas and in Germany as a tank commander. Jeff's injuries with an M60-A1 tank resulted in much time at the VA hospitals. This proximity to other veterans, many with very serious injuries, moved Jeff to combine his resourceful nature and experience with a way to help those veterans who were suffering in so many ways.  In 2007 Jeff formed OV’R There Industries to provide employment for physically disabled veterans by putting them to work building products for the home and garden. Reclaiming discarded materials that normally go into landfills, Jeff’s vision has been a great success.  These products are marketed throughout the midwest, and the most popular item is the birdhouse made from recycled cedar and a bent license plate for a roof.

In the summer of 2012, Jeff joined forces with Veterans Antiquities, bringing his skills as Director of Program Development, he'll oversee production of new and established products, all made from reclaimed materials.  He'll recruit, train and mentor disabled veterans as they learn new skills, and contribute to the Veterans Antiquities website and showroom in Indianapolis.  Jeff will also maintain quality control to assure all products are true to the original design, and maintain all quality standards.

Jeff also brings a full featured recreation program to Veterans Antiquities. With 80 acres of rolling woodlands near Derby, Indiana, Jeff provides handicapped accessible, outdoor recreation and hunting opportunities to special needs and disabled veteran groups.  See more about Jeff and OV’R There Industries at  www.ovrthere.com.


Reclaimed Pizza Restuarant Sign Table

Rustic Bird Houses
 Made from Reclaimed Materials