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Vance Wilson

Vance Wilson 
US Navy 

Vance Wilson joined the Navy Seabees in 1999 and received and Honorable discharge in 2005 as a Second Class Petty Officer. During his 6 years of service he had traveled to several locations around the world which included: Guam, Mississippi, Kuwait, Iraq, Japan, and Diego Garcia. Vance's duties in the Seabees were classified as a Builder/ Carpenter. He worked on many projects around the globe and received numerous awards for his dedication, leadership, and skill. In 2003, Vance was deployed with his battalion to Iraq to assist the Marines in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was an integral part of a mortar team, security patrol, bridge and road repair, and construction of temporary camps for Marines. When Vance left the Military, he moved to his home town in East Tennessee and used his knowledge and training as a Carpenter and opened his own business. The timing was bad due to the down-turn of the economy, and he had to shut down after two years. He then took up a carpenter job with a company and spent six years working all over the East Tennessee region.

Vance's art skills started at a young age. As he grew older, he developed his natural talent of drawing and had received recognition, awards, and commissions during his high school years. After high school is when Vance joined the military because his family could not afford to send him to Art school. He felt as if his dream of attending an Art school would never be fulfilled and so he put his efforts into his carpentry talents. In 2011, Vance's world took a change. He met his wife who saw all his potential and encouraged him to pursue his dream of attending an Art School. It seemed everything was falling into place when his wife was transferred with her job to Indianapolis. They moved, and Vance made the decision to enroll in IUPUI's Herron School of Art. He is now pursuing a degree in Furniture design and has just finished his first year with straight A's.


Computer board necklace

Repurposed from computer board and sealed with epoxy


Computer ring

Repurposed from computer board and sealed with epoxy

Oval shape approx. 1"

Mounted on adjustable ring



Table Lamp

Uniquely designed table lamp made by Veteran Artist Vance Wilson

Made from Pine and stands 29" with shade